Vision Care Products

Take a look at the quality vision care products we offer.

Iowa Eyecare offers a number of cutting-edge vision care products. To learn more about the products we offer, please select one of the subcategories below.

Lenses & Frames

There’s more to quality lenses and frames than meets the eye.

Our offices are proud to offer incredible frames in many styles and can be fitted with lenses that are customized for your needs.

Contact Lenses

Make quality and safety your first priority when choosing contact lenses.

Despite the ease and convenience of contact lenses, they are actually highly specialized corrective treatments tailored just for your condition. 

Thumbs up and stars

“When visiting Cedar Rapids for the weekend, I forgot to bring my daily contacts. I thought I was in big trouble until I called Iowa Eye Care. They got my prescription and gave me a sample pack to make it through the weekend. Thank you so much!”

Sarah O.