Dr. Ryan Nelson

Dr. Ryan Nelson's optometry experience at Iowa Eyecare began at an early age. As a near-sighted 3rd grader from Wilkins Elementary who needed glasses to see the board from the back of the classroom, he always loved coming into the Marion office because of the nice people, clean building, and the candy at the front desk! He thought, "when I grow up… I want to be an eye doctor".

Sure enough, in 2008 he graduated from Southern College of Optometry and started seeing patients back home at Iowa Eyecare. Be it glasses and contact lenses or glaucoma and cataracts, Dr. Nelson can help. His professional passion is in helping to manage the business side of the company. He's proud to tout a terrific team and says they all have a lot of fun!

Dr. Nelson enjoys patient care and practice management, but during the summer and in the fall he also loves being outdoors. When he is not working, you can find him in the woods on a peaceful hike or out on the water fishing.

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